Consistency Maintenance of State of Management Data in P2P-based Autonomic Network Management

Jéferson Campos Nobre, Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville

Complex Dynamic Networks can be exploited in solving problems where traditional solutions may not be sufficient. The increasing complexity of computer networks imposes problems to the current network management solutions. In this context, network management is an example of a research area that could benefit from the use of CDNs. However, the consistency of state of management data among the elements that build management CDNs (management nodes) is an important challenge. Traditional mechanisms to maintain consistency of these states are supported by some centralization which wastes some desirable properties of CDNs (e.g., robustness). In contrast to these mechanisms, we propose a distributed, scalable and robust mechanism to maintain the consistency of state of management data in management CDNs. Our mechanism introduces multi-agent truth maintenance features and communication strategies based on dynamic process to provide consistency maintenance of state of management data. We developed a model of a management CDN on Peersim simulator to perform experiments. Besides, 2 case studies are presented. The result obtained supports our scalability and robustness claims.

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