Screening Rules for Convex Problems

Anant Raj, Jakob Olbrich, Bernd Gärtner, Bernhard Schölkopf, Martin Jaggi

We propose a new framework for deriving screening rules for convex optimization problems. Our approach covers a large class of constrained and penalized optimization formulations, and works in two steps. First, given any approximate point, the structure of the objective function and the duality gap is used to gather information on the optimal solution. In the second step, this information is used to produce screening rules, i.e. safely identifying unimportant weight variables of the optimal solution. Our general framework leads to a large variety of useful existing as well as new screening rules for many applications. For example, we provide new screening rules for general simplex and $L_1$-constrained problems, Elastic Net, squared-loss Support Vector Machines, minimum enclosing ball, as well as structured norm regularized problems, such as group lasso.

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