Extended Learning Graphs for Triangle Finding

Titouan Carette, Mathieu Laurière, Frédéric Magniez

We present new quantum algorithms for Triangle Finding improving its best previously known quantum query complexities for both dense and spare instances.For dense graphs on $n$ vertices, we get a query complexity of $O(n^{5/4})$ without any of the extra logarithmic factors present in the previous algorithm of Le Gall [FOCS'14]. For sparse graphs with $m\geq n^{5/4}$ edges, we get a query complexity of $O(n^{11/12}m^{1/6}\sqrt{\log n})$, which is better than the one obtained by Le Gall and Nakajima [ISAAC'15] when $m \geq n^{3/2}$. We also obtain an algorithm with query complexity ${O}(n^{5/6}(m\log n)^{1/6}+d_2\sqrt{n})$ where $d_2$ is the variance of the degree distribution. Our algorithms are designed and analyzed in a new model of learning graphs that we call extended learning graphs. In addition, we present a framework in order to easily combine and analyze them. As a consequence we get much simpler algorithms and analyses than previous algorithms of Le Gall {\it et al} based on the MNRS quantum walk framework [SICOMP'11].

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