On-Demand Routing Algorithm with Mobility Prediction in the Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Trung Kien Vu, Sungoh Kwon

In this paper, we propose an ad-hoc on-demand distance vector routing algorithm for mobile ad-hoc networks taking into account node mobility. Changeable topology of such mobile ad-hoc networks provokes overhead messages in order to search available routes and maintain found routes. The overhead messages impede data delivery from sources to destination and deteriorate network performance. To overcome such a challenge, our proposed algorithm estimates link duration based neighboring node mobility and chooses the most reliable route. The proposed algorithm also applies the estimate for route maintenance to lessen the number of overhead messages. Via simulations, the proposed algorithm is verified in various mobile environments. In the low mobility environment, by reducing route maintenance messages, the proposed algorithm significantly improves network performance such as packet data rate and end-to-end delay. In the high mobility environment, the reduction of route discovery message enhances network performance since the proposed algorithm provides more reliable routes.

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