Decision Making Based on Cohort Scores for Speaker Verification

Lantian Li, Renyu Wang, Gang Wang, Caixia Wang, Thomas Fang Zheng

Decision making is an important component in a speaker verification system. For the conventional GMM-UBM architecture, the decision is usually conducted based on the log likelihood ratio of the test utterance against the GMM of the claimed speaker and the UBM. This single-score decision is simple but tends to be sensitive to the complex variations in speech signals (e.g. text content, channel, speaking style, etc.). In this paper, we propose a decision making approach based on multiple scores derived from a set of cohort GMMs (cohort scores). Importantly, these cohort scores are not simply averaged as in conventional cohort methods; instead, we employ a powerful discriminative model as the decision maker. Experimental results show that the proposed method delivers substantial performance improvement over the baseline system, especially when a deep neural network (DNN) is used as the decision maker, and the DNN input involves some statistical features derived from the cohort scores.

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