WS4A: a Biomedical Question and Answering System based on public Web Services and Ontologies

Miguel J. Rodrigues, Miguel Falé, Andre Lamurias, Francisco M. Couto

This paper describes our system, dubbed WS4A (Web Services for All), that participated in the fourth edition of the BioASQ challenge (2016). We used WS4A to perform the Question and Answering (QA) task 4b, which consisted on the retrieval of relevant concepts, documents, snippets, RDF triples, exact answers and ideal answers for each given question. The novelty in our approach consists on the maximum exploitation of existing web services in each step of WS4A, such as the annotation of text, and the retrieval of metadata for each annotation. The information retrieved included concept identifiers, ontologies, ancestors, and most importantly, PubMed identifiers. The paper describes the WS4A pipeline and also presents the precision, recall and f-measure values obtained in task 4b. Our system achieved two second places in two subtasks on one of the five batches.

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