Multi-Valued Routing Tracks for FPGAs in 28nm FDSOI Technology

Sumanta Chaudhuri, Tarik Graba, Yves Mathieu

In this paper we present quaternary and ternary routing tracks for FPGAs, and their implementation in 28nm FDSOI technology. We discuss the transistor level design of multi-valued repeaters, multiplexers and translators, and specific features of FDSOI technology which make it possible. Next we compare the multi-valued routing architectures with equivalent single driver two-valued routing architectures. We show that for long tracks, it is possible to achieve upto 3x reduction in dynamic switching energy, upto 2x reduction in routing wire area and 10% reduction in area dedicated to routing resources. The multi-valued tracks are slightly more susceptible to process variation. We present a layout method for multivalued standard cells and determine the layout overhead.We conclude with various usage scenarios of these tracks.

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