Topic Browsing for Research Papers with Hierarchical Latent Tree Analysis

Leonard K. M. Poon, Nevin L. Zhang

Academic researchers often need to face with a large collection of research papers in the literature. This problem may be even worse for postgraduate students who are new to a field and may not know where to start. To address this problem, we have developed an online catalog of research papers where the papers have been automatically categorized by a topic model. The catalog contains 7719 papers from the proceedings of two artificial intelligence conferences from 2000 to 2015. Rather than the commonly used Latent Dirichlet Allocation, we use a recently proposed method called hierarchical latent tree analysis for topic modeling. The resulting topic model contains a hierarchy of topics so that users can browse the topics from the top level to the bottom level. The topic model contains a manageable number of general topics at the top level and allows thousands of fine-grained topics at the bottom level. It also can detect topics that have emerged recently.

Knowledge Graph



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