Evaluating Induced CCG Parsers on Grounded Semantic Parsing

Yonatan Bisk, Siva Reddy, John Blitzer, Julia Hockenmaier, Mark Steedman

We compare the effectiveness of four different syntactic CCG parsers for a semantic slot-filling task to explore how much syntactic supervision is required for downstream semantic analysis. This extrinsic, task-based evaluation provides a unique window to explore the strengths and weaknesses of semantics captured by unsupervised grammar induction systems. We release a new Freebase semantic parsing dataset called SPADES (Semantic PArsing of DEclarative Sentences) containing 93K cloze-style questions paired with answers. We evaluate all our models on this dataset. Our code and data are available at https://github.com/sivareddyg/graph-parser.

Knowledge Graph



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