A Searchlight Factor Model Approach for Locating Shared Information in Multi-Subject fMRI Analysis

Hejia Zhang, Po-Hsuan Chen, Janice Chen, Xia Zhu, Javier S. Turek, Theodore L. Willke, Uri Hasson, Peter J. Ramadge

There is a growing interest in joint multi-subject fMRI analysis. The challenge of such analysis comes from inherent anatomical and functional variability across subjects. One approach to resolving this is a shared response factor model. This assumes a shared and time synchronized stimulus across subjects. Such a model can often identify shared information, but it may not be able to pinpoint with high resolution the spatial location of this information. In this work, we examine a searchlight based shared response model to identify shared information in small contiguous regions (searchlights) across the whole brain. Validation using classification tasks demonstrates that we can pinpoint informative local regions.

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