Integration of higher IT education in Ukraine in the global IT-educational space

Valery Tabakov

The article presents the results of a study of the current state of higher IT education system in Ukraine. The problems of reforming higher IT education system of Ukraine in accordance with the commitments made by Ukraine in connection with the ratification of the EU-Ukraine Agreement Law of Ukraine N 1678-VII of September 16, 2014. An indicator of the presence or absence of a real reform of the system of higher IT education in Ukraine is detected. A comparative analysis of lists of IT-specialties of higher education in Ukraine in 2005 and 2015 with similar lists adopted by the international system of higher IT education is made. A discrepancy between the list of IT-specialties in Ukraine and international list of IT specialties are identified. The conclusion about the need for immediate correction of the list of higher education in Ukraine IT-specialties in order to bring it into line with international standards. It recommended a series of actions that will lead to the solution of the problem.

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