Summarizing Situational and Topical Information During Crises

Koustav Rudra, Siddhartha Banerjee, Niloy Ganguly, Pawan Goyal, Muhammad Imran, Prasenjit Mitra

The use of microblogging platforms such as Twitter during crises has become widespread. More importantly, information disseminated by affected people contains useful information like reports of missing and found people, requests for urgent needs etc. For rapid crisis response, humanitarian organizations look for situational awareness information to understand and assess the severity of the crisis. In this paper, we present a novel framework (i) to generate abstractive summaries useful for situational awareness, and (ii) to capture sub-topics and present a short informative summary for each of these topics. A summary is generated using a two stage framework that first extracts a set of important tweets from the whole set of information through an Integer-linear programming (ILP) based optimization technique and then follows a word graph and concept event based abstractive summarization technique to produce the final summary. High accuracies obtained for all the tasks show the effectiveness of the proposed framework.

Knowledge Graph



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