Energy Efficiency Optimization of Channel Access Probabilities in IEEE 802.15.6 UWB WBANs

Yang Liu, Kemal Davaslioglu, Richard D. Gitlin

Energy efficiency is essential for Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) applications because of the battery-operated nodes. Other requirements such as throughput, delay, quality of service, and security levels also need to be considered in optimizing the network design. In this paper, we study the case in which the nodes access the medium probabilistically and we formulate an energy efficiency optimization problem under the rate and access probability constraints for IEEE 802.15.6 Impulse Radio Ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) WBANs. The proposed algorithm, dubbed Energy Efficiency Optimization of Channel Access Probabilities (EECAP), determines the optimal access probability and payload frame size for each node. The simulation results show that our algorithm rapidly converges to the optimal solution. We also provide detailed insights on the relationship between the optimal access probabilities and other network parameters such as the link distance, the number of nodes, and the minimum rate constraints.

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