Final Service Provider DevOps concept and evaluation

Guido Marchetto, Riccardo Sisto, Wolfgang John, Pontus Sköldström, Bertrand Pechenot, Felicián Németh, István Pelle, Juhoon Kim, Xuejun Cai, Chunyan Fu, Catalin Meirosu, Kostas Pentikousis, Sachin Sharma, Ioanna Papafili, Serena Spinoso, Matteo Virgilio, Rebecca Steinert, Per Kreuger, Shaoteng Liu, Jan Ekman, Antonio Manzalini, Apoorv Shukla

This report presents the results of the UNIFY Service Provider DevOps activities. First, we present the final definition and assessment of the concept. SP-DevOps is realized by a combination of various functional components facilitating integrated service verification, efficient and programmable observability, and automated troubleshooting processes. Our assessment shows that SP-DevOps can help providers to reach a medium level of DevOps maturity and allows significant reduction in OPEX. Second, we focus on the evaluation of the proposed SP-DevOps components. The set of tools proposed supports ops and devs across all stages, with a focus on the deployment, operation and debugging phases, and allows to activate automated processes for operating NFV environments. Finally, we present use-cases and our demonstrators for selected process implementions, which allowed the functional validation of SP-DevOps.

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