Design and Implementation of a Fleet Management System Using Novel GPS/GLONASS Tracker and Web-Based Software

Hamed Saghaei

Knowing where the vehicles are, what the drivers doing and monitoring every event in real time is the key parameters for a well-managed decision-making process. In this paper, a novel approach for control and monitoring of a fleet management system using three elements including GPS/GLONASS-based automatic vehicle locators (called Rad100), GPRS/SMS GSM cellular network and web-based software (called PayaRadyab) is proposed to show exact position of the desired vehicle on different maps and take detailed reports of the mission, travelled path, fuel consumption rate, speed limits, and other necessary information according to the customers requests. The most significant features of the proposed system are its global covering, high accuracy of positioning, easy operation by the user at any location, and easy energy management. In this study, I have designed and fabricated more than 50 Rad100 trackers and also programmed a web-based PayaRadyab software in which their performance and accuracy have been confirmed by the practical results in different conditions.

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