Aditya Tatu

Extracting shape information from object bound- aries is a well studied problem in vision, and has found tremen- dous use in applications like object recognition. Conversely, studying the space of shapes represented by curves satisfying certain constraints is also intriguing. In this paper, we model and analyze the space of shapes represented by a 3D curve (space curve) formed by connecting n pieces of quarter of a unit circle. Such a space curve is what we call a Tangle, the name coming from a toy built on the same principle. We provide two models for the shape space of n-link open and closed tangles, and we show that tangles are a subset of trigonometric splines of a certain order. We give algorithms for curve approximation using open/closed tangles, computing geodesics on these shape spaces, and to find the deformation that takes one given tangle to another given tangle, i.e., the Log map. The algorithms provided yield tangles upto a small and acceptable tolerance, as shown by the results given in the paper.

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