New families of Strictly optimal Frequency hopping sequence sets

Jingjun Bao

Frequency hopping sequences (FHSs) with favorable partial Hamming correlation properties have important applications in many synchronization and multiple-access systems. In this paper, we investigate constructions of FHS sets with optimal partial Hamming correlation. We present several direct constructions for balanced nested cyclic difference packings (BNCDPs) and balanced nested cyclic relative difference packings (BNCRDPs) such that both of them have a special property by using trace functions and discrete logarithm. We also show three recursive constructions for FHS sets with partial Hamming correlation, which are based on cyclic difference matrices and discrete logarithm. Combing these BNCDPs, BNCRDPs and three recursive constructions, we obtain infinitely many new strictly optimal FHS sets with respect to the Peng-Fan bounds.

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