The Analysis of Local Motion and Deformation in Image Sequences Inspired by Physical Electromagnetic Interaction

Xiaodong Zhuang, N. E. Mastorakis

In order to analyze the moving and deforming of the objects in image sequence, a novel way is presented to analyze the local changes of object edges between two related images (such as two adjacent frames in a video sequence), which is inspired by the physical electromagnetic interaction. The changes of edge between adjacent frames in sequences are analyzed by simulation of virtual current interaction, which can reflect the change of the object's position or shape. The virtual current along the main edge line is proposed based on the significant edge extraction. Then the virtual interaction between the current elements in the two related images is studied by imitating the interaction between physical current-carrying wires. The experimental results prove that the distribution of magnetic forces on the current elements in one image applied by the other can reflect the local change of edge lines from one image to the other, which is important in further analysis.

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