Emergency Identification and Analysis with EAIMS

Richard McCreadie, Craig Macdonald, Iadh Ounis

Social media platforms are now a key source of information for a large segment of the public. As such, these platforms have a great potential as a means to provide real-time information to emergency management agencies. Moreover, during an emergency, these agencies are very interested in social media as a means to find public-driven response efforts, as well as to track how their handling of that emergency is being perceived. However, there is currently a lack advanced tools designed for monitoring social media during emergencies. The Emergency Analysis Identification and Management System (EAIMS) is a prototype service that aims to fill this technology gap by providing richer analytic and exploration tools than current solutions. In particular, EAIMS provides real-time detection of emergency events, related information finding, information access and credibility analysis tools for use over social media during emergencies.

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