Performance Improvement of an AS-friendly Peer Selection Algorithm for P2P Live Streaming

Yukinobu Fukushima, Kazuki Kobayashi, Tokumi Yokohira

Minimum Physical Hop (MPH) has been proposed as a peer selection algorithm for decreasing inter-AS (Autonomous System) traffic volume in P2P live streaming. In MPH, a newly joining peer selects a peer whose physical hop count (i.e., the number of ASes traversed on the content delivery path) from it is the minimum as its providing peer. However, MPH shows high inter-AS traffic volume when the number of joining peers is large. In this paper, we propose IMPH that tries to further decrease the inter-AS traffic volume by distributing peers with one logical hop count (i.e., the number of peers or origin streaming servers (OSSes) traversed on the content delivery path from an OSS to the peer) to many ASes and encouraging the following peers to find their providing peers within the same AS. Numerical examples show that IMPH achieves at the maximum of 64% lower inter-AS traffic volume than MPH.

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