Forward Stochastic Reachability Analysis for Uncontrolled Linear Systems using Fourier Transforms

Abraham P. Vinod, Baisravan Homchaudhuri, Meeko M. K. Oishi

We propose a scalable method for forward stochastic reachability analysis for uncontrolled linear systems with affine disturbance. Our method uses Fourier transforms to efficiently compute the forward stochastic reach probability measure (density) and the forward stochastic reach set. This method is applicable to systems with bounded or unbounded disturbance sets. We also examine the convexity properties of the forward stochastic reach set and its probability density. Motivated by the problem of a robot attempting to capture a stochastically moving, non-adversarial target, we demonstrate our method on two simple examples. Where traditional approaches provide approximations, our method provides exact analytical expressions for the densities and probability of capture.

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