A Survey on Various Data Mining Techniques for ECG Meta Analysis

Kratika Tyagi, Prof. Sanjeev Thakur

Data Mining is the process of examining the information from different point of view and compressing it for the relevant data. This data can also be utilized to build the incomes. Data Mining is also known as Data or Knowledge Discovery. The basic purpose of data mining is to search patterns which have minimal user inputs and efforts. Data Mining plays a very crucial role in the various fields. There are various data mining procedures which can be connected in different fields of innovation. By using data mining techniques, it is observed that less time is taken for the prediction of any disease with more accuracy. In this paper we would review various data mining techniques which are categorized under classification, regression and clustering and apply these algorithms over an ECG dataset. The purpose of this work is to determine the most suitable data mining technique and use it to improve the accuracy of analyzing ECG data for better decision making.

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