Joint Relay-User Beamforming Design in Full-Duplex Two-Way Relay Channel

Zhigang Wen, Shuai Wang, Xiaoqing Liu, Junwei Zou

A full-duplex two-way relay channel with multiple antennas is considered. For this three-node network, the beamforming design needs to suppress self-interference. While a traditional way is to apply zero-forcing for self-interference mitigation, it may harm the desired signals. In this paper, a design which reserves a fraction of self-interference is proposed by solving a quality-of-service constrained beamforming design problem. Since the problem is challenging due to the loop self-interference, a convergence-guaranteed alternating optimization algorithm is proposed to jointly design the relay-user beamformers. Numerical results show that the proposed scheme outperforms zero-forcing method, and achieves a transmit power close to the ideal case.

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