D-OAMP: A Denoising-based Signal Recovery Algorithm for Compressed Sensing

Zhipeng Xue, Junjie Ma, Xiaojun Yuan

Approximate message passing (AMP) is an efficient iterative signal recovery algorithm for compressed sensing (CS). For sensing matrices with independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) Gaussian entries, the behavior of AMP can be asymptotically described by a scaler recursion called state evolution. Orthogonal AMP (OAMP) is a variant of AMP that imposes a divergence-free constraint on the denoiser. In this paper, we extend OAMP to incorporate generic denoisers, hence the name D-OAMP. Our numerical results show that state evolution predicts the performance of D-OAMP well for generic denoisers when i.i.d. Gaussian or partial orthogonal sensing matrices are involved. We compare the performances of denosing-AMP (D-AMP) and D-OAMP for recovering natural images from CS measurements. Simulation results show that D-OAMP outperforms D-AMP in both convergence speed and recovery accuracy for partial orthogonal sensing matrices.

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