CDMA Technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Rabindranath Bera, Jitendranath Bera, Sanjib Sil, Dipak Mondal, Sourav Dhar, Debdatta Kandar

Scientists and Technologists involved in the development of radar and remote sensing systems all over the world are now trying to involve themselves in saving of manpower in the form of developing a new application of their ideas in Intelligent Transport system(ITS). The world statistics shows that by incorporating such wireless radar system in the car would decrease the world road accident by 8-10% yearly. The wireless technology has to be chosen properly which is capable of tackling the severe interferences present in the open road. A combined digital technology like Spread spectrum along with diversity reception will help a lot in this regard. Accordingly, the choice is for FHSS based space diversity system which will utilize carrier frequency around 5.8 GHz ISM band with available bandwidth of 80 MHz and no license. For efficient design, the radio channel is characterized on which the design is based. Out of two available modes e.g. Communication and Radar modes, the radar mode is providing the conditional measurement of the range of the nearest car after authentication of the received code, thus ensuring the reliability and accuracy of measurement. To make the system operational in simultaneous mode, we have started the Software Defined Radio approach for best speed and flexibility.

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