Intrinsically Reliable and Lightweight Physical Obfuscated Keys

Raihan Sayeed Khan, Nadim Kanan, Chenglu Jin, Jake Scoggin, Nafisa Noor, Sadid Muneer, Faruk Dirisaglik, Phuong Ha Nguyen, Helena Silva, Marten van Dijk, Ali Gokirmak

Physical Obfuscated Keys (POKs) allow tamper-resistant storage of random keys based on physical disorder. The output bits of current POK designs need to be first corrected due to measurement noise and next de-correlated since the original output bits may not be i.i.d. (independent and identically distributed) and also public helper information for error correction necessarily correlates the corrected output bits.For this reason, current designs include an interface for error correction and/or output reinforcement, and privacy amplification for compressing the corrected output to a uniform random bit string. We propose two intrinsically reliable POK designs with only XOR circuitry for privacy amplification (without need for reliability enhancement) by exploiting variability of lithographic process and variability of granularity in phase change memory (PCM) materials. The two designs are demonstrated through experiments and simulations.

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