Energy Efficiency in Cache Enabled Small Cell Networks With Adaptive User Clustering

Salah Eddine Hajri, Mohamad Assaad

Using a network of cache enabled small cells, traffic during peak hours can be reduced considerably through proactively fetching the content that is most probable to be requested. In this paper, we aim at exploring the impact of proactive caching on an important metric for future generation networks, namely, energy efficiency (EE). We argue that, exploiting the correlation in user content popularity profiles in addition to the spatial repartitions of users with comparable request patterns, can result in considerably improving the achievable energy efficiency of the network. In this paper, the problem of optimizing EE is decoupled into two related subproblems. The first one addresses the issue of content popularity modeling. While most existing works assume similar popularity profiles for all users in the network, we consider an alternative caching framework in which, users are clustered according to their content popularity profiles. In order to showcase the utility of the proposed clustering scheme, we use a statistical model selection criterion, namely Akaike information criterion (AIC). Using stochastic geometry, we derive a closed-form expression of the achievable EE and we find the optimal active small cell density vector that maximizes it. The second subproblem investigates the impact of exploiting the spatial repartitions of users with comparable request patterns. After considering a snapshot of the network, we formulate a combinatorial optimization problem that enables to optimize content placement such that the used transmission power is minimized. Numerical results show that the clustering scheme enable to considerably improve the cache hit probability and consequently the EE compared with an unclustered approach. Simulations also show that the small base station allocation algorithm results in improving the energy efficiency and hit probability.

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