Cooperative In-Vivo Nano-Network Communication at Terahertz Frequencies

Qammer H. Abbasi, Ali Arshad Nasir, Ke Yang, Khalid Qaraqe, Akram Alomainy

Nano devices have great potential to play a vital role in future medical diagnostics and treatment technologies because of its non-invasive nature and ability to reach delicate body sites easily as compared to conventional devices. In this paper, a novel concept of cooperative communication for in-vivo nano-network is presented to enhance the communication among these devices. The effect on the system outage probability performance is conducted for various parameters including relay lacement, number of relays, transmit power, bandwidth and carrier frequency. Results show approximately a 10-fold increase in the system outage performance whenever an additional relay is included in the cooperative network, hence show a great potential of using cooperative communication to enhance the performance of nano-network at terahertz frequencies.

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