Improving the Accuracy of the CogniLearn System for Cognitive Behavior Assessment

Amir Ghaderi, Srujana Gattupalli, Dylan Ebert, Ali Sharifara, Vassilis Athitsos, Fillia Makedon

HTKS is a game-like cognitive assessment method, designed for children between four and eight years of age. During the HTKS assessment, a child responds to a sequence of requests, such as "touch your head" or "touch your toes". The cognitive challenge stems from the fact that the children are instructed to interpret these requests not literally, but by touching a different body part than the one stated. In prior work, we have developed the CogniLearn system, that captures data from subjects performing the HTKS game, and analyzes the motion of the subjects. In this paper we propose some specific improvements that make the motion analysis module more accurate. As a result of these improvements, the accuracy in recognizing cases where subjects touch their toes has gone from 76.46% in our previous work to 97.19% in this paper.

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