On Data Flow Management: the Multilevel Analysis of Data Center Total Cost

Katarzyna Mazur, Bogdan Ksiezopolski

Information management is one of the most significant issues in nowadays data centers. Selection of appropriate software, security mechanisms and effective energy consumption management together with caring for the environment enforces a profound analysis of the considered system. Besides these factors, financial analysis of data center maintenance is another important aspect that needs to be considered. Data centers are mission-critical components of all large enterprises and frequently cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build, yet few high-level executives understand the true cost of operating such facilities. Costs are typically spread across the IT, networking, and facilities, which makes management of these costs and assessment of alternatives difficult. This paper deals with a research on multilevel analysis of data center management and presents an approach to estimate the true total costs of operating data center physical facilities, taking into account the proper management of the information flow.

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