Evaluation of Classifiers for Image Segmentation: Applications for Eucalypt Forest Inventory

Rodrigo M. Ferreira, Ricardo M. Marcacini

The task of counting eucalyptus trees from aerial images collected by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has been frequently explored by techniques of estimation of the basal area, i.e, by determining the expected number of trees based on sampling techniques. An alternative is the use of machine learning to identify patterns that represent a tree unit, and then search for the occurrence of these patterns throughout the image. This strategy depends on a supervised image segmentation step to define predefined interest regions. Thus, it is possible to automate the counting of eucalyptus trees in these images, thereby increasing the efficiency of the eucalyptus forest inventory management. In this paper, we evaluated 20 different classifiers for the image segmentation task. A real sample was used to analyze the counting trees task considering a practical environment. The results show that it possible to automate this task with 0.7% counting error, in particular, by using strategies based on a combination of classifiers. Moreover, we present some performance considerations about each classifier that can be useful as a basis for decision-making in future tasks.

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