AES and SNOW 3G are Feasible Choices for a 5G Phone from Energy Perspective

Mohsin Khan, Valtteri Niemi

The aspirations for a 5th generation (5G) mobile network are high. It has a vision of unprecedented data-rate and extremely pervasive connectivity. To cater such aspirations in a mobile phone, many existing efficiency aspects of a mobile phone need to be reviewed. We look into the matter of required energy to encrypt and decrypt the huge amount of traffic that will leave from and enter into a 5G enabled mobile phone. In this paper, we present an account of the power consumption details of the efficient hardware implementations of AES and SNOW 3G. We also present an account of the power consumption details of LTE protocol stack on some cutting edge hardware platforms. Based on the aforementioned two accounts, we argue that the energy requirement for the current encryption systems AES and SNOW 3G will not impact the battery-life of a 5G enabled mobile phone by any significant proportion.

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