IoT-enabled Channel Selection Approach for WBANs

Mohamad Jaafar Ali, Hassine Moungla, Mohamed Younis, Ahmed Mehaoua

-Recent advances in microelectronics have enabled the realization of Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs). However , the massive growth in wireless devices and the push for interconnecting these devices to form an Internet of Things (IoT) can be challenging for WBANs; hence robust communication is necessary through careful medium access arbitration. In this paper, we propose a new protocol to enable WBAN operation within an IoT. Basically, we leverage the emerging Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE) and promote the integration of a BLE transceiver and a Cognitive Radio module (CR) within the WBAN coordinator. Accordingly, a BLE informs WBANs through announcements about the frequency channels that are being used in their vicinity. To mitigate interference, the superframe's active period is extended to involve not only a Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) frame, but also a Flexible Channel Selection (FCS) and a Flexible Backup TDMA (FBTDMA) frames. The WBAN sensors that experience interference on the default channel within the TDMA frame will eventually switch to another Interference Mitigation Channel (IMC). With the help of CR, an IMC is selected for a WBAN and each interfering sensor will be allocated a time-slot within the (FBTDMA) frame to retransmit using such IMC.

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