Developpement de Methodes Automatiques pour la Reutilisation des Composants Logiciels

Kouakou Ive Arsene Koffi, Konan Marcellin Brou, Souleymane Oumtanaga

The large amount of information and the increasing complexity of applications constrain developers to have stand-alone and reusable components from libraries and component markets.Our approach consists in developing methods to evaluate the quality of the software component of these libraries, on the one hand and moreover to optimize the financial cost and the adaptation's time of these selected components. Our objective function defines a metric that maximizes the value of the software component quality by minimizing the financial cost and maintenance time. This model should make it possible to classify the components and order them in order to choose the most optimized. MOTS-CLES : d{\'e}veloppement de m{\'e}thode, r{\'e}utilisation, composants logiciels, qualit{\'e} de composant KEYWORDS:method development, reuse, software components, component quality .

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