Secure and Resilient Low-Rate Connectivity for Smart Energy Applications through Power Talk in DC Microgrids

Cedomir Stefanovic, Marko Angjelichinoski, Pietro Danzi, Petar Popovski

The future smart grid is envisioned as a network of interconnected microgrids (MGs) - small-scale local power networks comprising generators, storage capacities and loads. MGs bring unprecedented modularity, efficiency, sustainability, and resilience to the power grid as a whole. Due to the high share of renewable generation, MGs require innovative concepts for control and optimization, giving rise to a novel class of smart energy applications, in which communications represent an integral part. In this paper, we review power talk, a communication technique specifically developed for direct current MGs, which exploits the communication potential residing within the MG power equipment. Depending on the smart energy application, power talk can be used either as a primary communication enabler, or an auxiliary communication system that provides resilient and secure operation. The key advantage of power talk is that it derives its availability, reliability, and security from the very MG elements, outmatching standard, off-the shelf communication solutions.

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