Restoration of Images with Wavefront Aberrations

Claudius Zelenka, Reinhard Koch

This contribution deals with image restoration in optical systems with coherent illumination, which is an important topic in astronomy, coherent microscopy and radar imaging. Such optical systems suffer from wavefront distortions, which are caused by imperfect imaging components and conditions. Known image restoration algorithms work well for incoherent imaging, they fail in case of coherent images. In this paper a novel wavefront correction algorithm is presented, which allows image restoration under coherent conditions. In most coherent imaging systems, especially in astronomy, the wavefront deformation is known. Using this information, the proposed algorithm allows a high quality restoration even in case of severe wavefront distortions. We present two versions of this algorithm, which are an evolution of the Gerchberg-Saxton and the Hybrid-Input-Output algorithm. The algorithm is verified on simulated and real microscopic images.

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