Distributed FD-MIMO: Cellular Evolution for 5G and Beyond

Yeqing Hu, Boon Loong Ng, Young-Han Nam, Jin Yuan, Gary Xu, Ji-Yun Seol, Jianzhong, Zhang

This paper presents the next evolution of FD-MIMO technology for beyond 5G, where antennas of the FD-MIMO system are placed in a distributed manner throughout the cell in a multi-cell deployment scenario. This system, referred to as Distributed FD-MIMO (D-FD-MIMO) system, is capable of providing higher cell average throughput as well as more uniform user experience compared to the conventional FD-MIMO system. System level simulations are performed to evaluate performance. Our results show that the proposed D-FD-MIMO system achieves 1.4-2 times cell average throughput gain compared to the FD-MIMO system. The insights of performance gain are provided. Hardware implementation challenges and potential standards impact are also presented.

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