Resolution-Based Content Discovery in Network of Caches: Is the Control Traffic an Issue?

Bita Azimdoost, Cedric Westphal, Hamid R. Sadjadpour

As networking attempts to cleanly separate the control plane and forwarding plane abstractions, it also defines a clear interface between these two layers. An underlying network state is represented as a view to act upon in the control plane. We are interested in studying some fundamental properties of this interface, both in a general framework, and in the specific case of content routing. We try to evaluate the traffic between the two planes based on allowing a minimum level of acceptable distortion in the network state representation in the control plane. We apply our framework to content distribution, and see how we can compute the overhead of maintaining the location of content in the control plane. This is of importance to evaluate resolution-based content discovery in content-oriented network architectures: we identify scenarios where the cost of updating the control plane for content routing overwhelms the benefit of fetching the nearest copy. We also show how to minimize the cost of this overhead when associating costs to peering traffic and to internal traffic for network of caches.

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