A New Transmitted Reference Pulse Cluster Based Ultra-Wideband Transmitter Design

Yiming Huo, Xiaodai Dong, Ping Lu

An energy efficient ultra-wideband (UWB) transmitter based on the novel transmitted reference pulse cluster (TRPC) modulation scheme is presented. The TRPC-UWB transmitter integrates, namely, wideband active baluns, wideband I-Q modulator based up-conversion mixer, and differential to single-ended converter. The integrated circuits of TRPC-UWB front end is designed and implemented in the 130-nm CMOS process technology. the measured worst-case carrier leakage suppression is 22.4 dBc, while the single sideband suppression is higher than 31.6 dBc, operating at the frequency from 3.1 GHz to 8.2 GHz. With adjustable data rate of 10 to 300 Mbps, the transmitter achieves a high energy efficiency of 38.4 pJ/pulse.

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