Incremental Tube Construction for Human Action Detection

Harkirat Singh Behl, Michael Sapienza, Gurkirt Singh, Suman Saha, Fabio Cuzzolin, Philip H. S. Torr

Current state-of-the-art action detection systems are tailored for offline batch-processing applications. However, for online applications like human-robot interaction, current systems fall short, either because they only detect one action per video, or because they assume that the entire video is available ahead of time. In this work, we introduce a real-time and online joint-labelling and association algorithm for action detection that can incrementally construct space-time action tubes on the most challenging action videos in which different action categories occur concurrently. In contrast to previous methods, we solve the detection-window association and action labelling problems jointly in a single pass. We demonstrate superior online association accuracy and speed (2.2ms per frame) as compared to the current state-of-the-art offline systems. We further demonstrate that the entire action detection pipeline can easily be made to work effectively in real-time using our action tube construction algorithm.

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