The Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment

Jay Jay Billings, Andrew R. Bennett, Jordan Deyton, Kasper Gammeltoft, Jonah Graham, Dasha Gorin, Hari Krishnan, Menghan Li, Alexander J. McCaskey, Taylor Patterson, Robert Smith, Gregory R. Watson, Anna Wojtowicz

Problems in modeling and simulation require significantly different workflow management technologies than standard grid-based workflow management systems. Computational scientists typically interact with simulation software in a feedback driven way were solutions and workflows are developed iteratively and simultaneously. This work describes common activities in workflows and how combinations of these activities form unique workflows. It presents the Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment as a workflow management system and development environment for the modeling and simulation community. Examples of the Environment's applicability to problems in energy science, general multiphysics simulations, quantum computing and other areas are presented as well as its impact on the community.

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