Polynomial running times for polynomial-time oracle machines

Akitoshi Kawamura, Florian Steinberg

This paper introduces a more restrictive notion of feasibility of functionals on Baire space than the established one from second-order complexity theory. Thereby making it possible to consider functions on the natural numbers as running times of oracle Turing machines and avoiding second-order polynomials, which are notoriously difficult to handle. Furthermore, all machines that witness this stronger kind of feasibility can be clocked and the different traditions of treating partial operators from computable analysis and second-order complexity theory are equated in a precise sense. The new notion is named "strong polynomial-time computability", and proven to be a strictly stronger requirement than polynomial-time computability. It is proven that within the framework for complexity of operators from analysis introduced by Kawamura and Cook the classes of strongly polynomial-time computable operators and polynomial-time computable operators coincide.

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