On application of OMP and CoSaMP algorithms for DOA estimation problem

Abhishek Aich, P. Palanisamy

Remarkable properties of Compressed sensing (CS) has led researchers to utilize it in various other fields where a solution to an underdetermined system of linear equations is needed. One such application is in the area of array signal processing e.g. in signal denoising and Direction of Arrival (DOA) estimation. From the two prominent categories of CS recovery algorithms, namely convex optimization algorithms and greedy sparse approximation algorithms, we investigate the application of greedy sparse approximation algorithms to estimate DOA in the uniform linear array (ULA) environment. We conduct an empirical investigation into the behavior of the two state-of-the-art greedy algorithms: OMP and CoSaMP. This investigation takes into account the various scenarios such as varying degrees of noise level and coherency between the sources. We perform simulations to demonstrate the performances of these algorithms and give a brief analysis of the results.

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