Developing a FPGA-supported touchscreen writing / drawing system for educational environments

Aslihan Tufekci, Kamuran Samanci, Utku Kose

Developments in information and communication technologies have been greatly influential on the practices in all fields, and education is not an exception to this. To illustrate with, computers were first used in computer assisted education in order to increase the efficiency of teaching process. Recently, computer has contributed more to the field through interactive and smart class applications that are specially designed for classroom use. The aim of this study is to develop a low cost, portable and projection supported touchscreen to be used in educational environments by using FPGA technology and to test its usability. For the purposes of the study, the above mentioned system was developed by using the necessary hardware and software, and later it was tested in terms of usability. This usability test was administered to teachers, who were the target end users of this touchscreen writing / drawing system. The aim of this test was to determine user friendliness, subservientness and usability of the system. Several tools were used to obtain data from the users that participated in the study. The analysis and evaluation of the data collected revealed that the system has achieved its objectives successfully.

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