Multi-Personality Partitioning for Heterogeneous Systems

Anthony Gregerson, Aman Chadha, Katherine Morrow

Design flows use graph partitioning both as a precursor to place and route for single devices, and to divide netlists or task graphs among multiple devices. Partitioners have accommodated FPGA heterogeneity via multi-resource constraints, but have not yet exploited the corresponding ability to implement some computations in multiple ways (e.g., LUTs vs. DSP blocks), which could enable a superior solution. This paper introduces multi-personality graph partitioning, which incorporates aspects of resource mapping into partitioning. We present a modified multi-level KLFM partitioning algorithm that also performs heterogeneous resource mapping for nodes with multiple potential implementations (multiple personalities). We evaluate several variants of our multi-personality FPGA circuit partitioner using 21 circuits and benchmark graphs, and show that dynamic resource mapping improves cut size on average by 27% over static mapping for these circuits. We further show that it improves deviation from target resource utilizations by 50% over post-partitioning resource mapping.

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