Modeling and Analysis of HetNets with mm-Wave Multi-RAT Small Cells Deployed Along Roads

Gourab Ghatak, Antonio De Domenico, Marceau Coupechoux

We characterize a multi tier network with classical macro cells, and multi radio access technology (RAT) small cells, which are able to operate in microwave and millimeter-wave (mm-wave) bands. The small cells are assumed to be deployed along roads modeled as a Poisson line process. This characterization is more realistic as compared to the classical Poisson point processes typically used in literature. In this context, we derive the association and RAT selection probabilities of the typical user under various system parameters such as the small cell deployment density and mm-wave antenna gain, and with varying street densities. Finally, we calculate the signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR) coverage probability for the typical user considering a tractable dominant interference based model for mm-wave interference. Our analysis reveals the need of deploying more small cells per street in cities with more streets to maintain coverage, and highlights that mm-wave RAT in small cells can help to improve the SINR performance of the users.

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