A New Pseudo-color Technique Based on Intensity Information Protection for Passive Sensor Imagery

Mohammad Reza Khosravi, Habib Rostami, Gholam Reza Ahmadi, Suleiman Mansouri, Ahmad Keshavarz

Remote sensing image processing is so important in geo-sciences. Images which are obtained by different types of sensors might initially be unrecognizable. To make an acceptable visual perception in the images, some pre-processing steps (for removing noises and etc) are preformed which they affect the analysis of images. There are different types of processing according to the types of remote sensing images. The method that we are going to introduce in this paper is to use virtual colors to colorize the gray-scale images of satellite sensors. This approach helps us to have a better analysis on a sample single-band image which has been taken by Landsat-8 (OLI) sensor (as a multi-band sensor with natural color bands, its images' natural color can be compared to synthetic color by our approach). A good feature of this method is the original image reversibility in order to keep the suitable resolution of output images.

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