A New Steganographic Technique Matching the Secret Message and Cover image Binary Value

G. Umamaheswari, Dr. C. P. Sumathi

Steganography involves hiding a secret message or image inside another cover image. Changes are made in the cover image without affecting visual quality of the image. In contrast to cryptography, Steganography provides complete secrecy of the communication. Security of very sensitive data can be enhanced by combining cryptography and steganography. A new technique that uses the concept of Steganography to obtain the position values from an image is suggested. This paper proposes a new method where no change is made to the cover image, only the pixel position LSB (Least Significant Bit) values that match with the secret message bit values are noted in a separate position file. At the sending end the position file along with the cover image is sent. At the receiving end the position file is opened only with a secret key. The bit positions are taken from the position file and the LSB values from the positions are combined to get ASCII values and then form characters of the secret message

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