An effective and secure user authenticated protocol for Location based services in road networks

Imran Memon, Hina Memon

Road network is employed for exchanging the information among the vehicles where accidents and traffic information can be delivered, or receive services by an infrastructure. Although wireless communication systems yield an efficient traffic system and provide ease to the drivers, there is a chance of a traffic disturbance and risk to drivers through malicious information. So, there should be examined a way to limit the chance of an intermediate attack. This paper presents an efficient user based authentication protocol for location based services to secure address configuration for IPv6-based mix-zones over the road network. This protocol authenticates to inspect vehicles actions confidentially and have the following characteristics (1) Anonymous authentication: a message issuer can be authenticated. (2) Privacy: Communication content is confidential. The cost must be reduced through the address configuration scheme to improve the scalability. (3) Efficiency: it attains quick message verification, low storage requirements, and in case of a dispute, provides cost efficient identity tracking. Vehicles movement, the variation of velocity and distance are considered to maintain as many common users as possible by reducing the cost. The performance evaluation and cost analysis show that our framework can reduce the cost and gain outperformed results. This model can achieve reliability and efficiency with packet rate information. This user authenticated key establishment protocol has comparatively shorter time response, diminishes cost, less packet loss information and enhanced privacy preservation against malicious attacks compared with existing methods.

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