A Type-Theoretical Definition of Weak {\omega}-Categories

Eric Finster, Samuel Mimram

We introduce a dependent type theory whose models are weak {\omega}-categories, generalizing Brunerie's definition of {\omega}-groupoids. Our type theory is based on the definition of {\omega}-categories given by Maltsiniotis, himself inspired by Grothendieck's approach to the definition of {\omega}-groupoids. In this setup, {\omega}-categories are defined as presheaves preserving globular colimits over a certain category, called a coherator. The coherator encodes all operations required to be present in an {\omega}-category: both the compositions of pasting schemes as well as their coherences. Our main contribution is to provide a canonical type-theoretical characterization of pasting schemes as contexts which can be derived from inference rules. Finally, we present an implementation of a corresponding proof system.

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